Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Coaching?

Simply put, life coaching helps people get from where they are to where they want to be, or from who they are to whom they want to become. It is a powerful partnership that guides each individual towards achieving their desired goals.​

How do we meet for sessions?

Sessions are conducted via Zoom or over the telephone. This allows you to be able to receive quality coaching from your own home, or wherever you are in the world. 

How often do I pay for sessions?

Sessions are typically paid in full or split into monthly payments. Extended payment plans may also be available.

Do you accept insurance?

No, coaching services are self-pay only. 

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What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching and therapy are often complementary of one another, but there are differences as well. 


Coaching is an empowered, high-level partnership between the coach and client, designed to help you accomplish your life goals. The process works to help remove barriers that have been preventing you from reaching your vision (i.e.limiting beliefs, breaking up unhelpful stories, etc.). Certified coaches use powerful questioning and thought-provoking tools to support self-discovery that leads you to identify your own path towards your dreams. Coaches view the clients as experts in their own lives, and work from a place of believing that you have the answers within you, but need guidance with finding those answers. There is often a more forward movement in coaching, versus therapy. 


Therapy tends to focus on healing by identifying past issues and traumas, and how it relates to current dysfunctioning. Depending on the therapeutic approach, therapists have the answers, or therapeutic techniques, that are shared with the client to promote the healing process. Mental health diagnoses are commonly targeted by treatment plans.

Is there homework?

Although our 1:1 coaching calls are a transformative time, the real magic happens in between sessions. During sessions, we work together to determine action steps that you can commit to in order to continue progressing closer to your highest vision. 

Are results guaranteed?

Results depend on the client’s effort and dedication to commitments. The more committed the client, the greater the result. 

Who do you work with?

Women who are devoted to personal development and creating change in their lives.